1. Login to the customer portal where you’ll see a similar screen as shown below. Click on ‘New Support Ticket’ for creating a new ticket.

  1. New Support Ticket

2. On this page, enter your ticket subject and type of request (Deployment, Request, Feature Request, Change, Incident, etc.), description of  the ticket and click on ‘Submit’

3. Now you can view your ticket information, responses from the agent assigned from CloudCover; and add your replies to the same.

  1. Check Ticket Status

  2. Your ticket has been created

  3. Enter additional comments

4. Click on ‘Check Ticket Status’ to check the status of all your tickets.

  1. Check ticket status

  2. Pending agent assignment

  3. Ticket resolved

  4. Ticket resolved and closed

Open: Pending agent assignment at CloudCover’s  end

Resolved: Issue resolution complete

Closed: Ticket status changed to closed after confirmation from client on inactivity after a period of time

Waiting: Pending response from client

5. Click on ‘Reply’ on a closed ticket to reopen it.

  1. Click here to reopen the ticket